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Retail Sales Growth Course

Target Learners: Store Owners and Managers of any Consumer Facing Business  

Description: New for 2023, this extensive retail support programme is designed to give your retail business expert advice and strategic focus.  It might be now time to challenge what you are currently doing within the business, and look at real ways to improve your sales growth and profitability.

The retail landscape has become challenged in more recent years with the movement of more consumers online, and an increasing amount of international larger retailers taking market share from independent retailers.  The good news is that there are dozens of consumer facing businesses “bucking the trend” and dramatically growing sales over the last 12 months.  This course designed to share some winning advice and help pinpoint opportunity areas within your business. This course will arm businesses with the tools to drive sales upwards and expand you customer communication 

Course Content: This course consists of content which will look at global innovation for retail/consumer facing businesses.  There is also a section of this course dedicated to practical sales and marketing tips. The objective of this course is to learn from what others are doing and implement new ideas for your business. The content will include:  

  • The competition of a detailed business analysis
  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Using competitor analysis tools to identify your  
  • Identification of opportunities to differentiate 
  • Understanding how to identify and strengthen management skillsets
  • Using customer service initiatives to support sales growth